Kind regards from Michele of Easy Green Hosting.

In this new 2024 we are working on various initiatives and this article aims to introduce one of the innovations we care about: a new commitment to safeguarding water.

When it was born, Easy Green Hosting had only one environmental commitment: the use of ecological data centers, which use renewable energy and low energy consumption technologies. That objective was achieved immediately and As we expand our network, we continue to pressure network service providers to adapt their infrastructure to the needs of the environmental emergency.

Thanks to our efforts, just at the beginning of this year Easy Green Hosting has been included among the web hosting providers For us it is a great success especially for having thus contributed to increasing the interest and number of service providers for websites that have the environmental cause at heart.

However, we didn't want to stop there and after a few months we decided to reinvest part of our earnings in reforestation and the creation of urban forests and even in that case serious research was necessary to find someone who was not only motivated but also adequately prepared to face such a difficult challenge, which requires not only good will but also both knowledge of the territory, its history and its biodiversity and the capacity for institutional exchanges that guarantee the survival of the planted areas, against speculation and other types of exploitation.

This year, 2024, we have decided to commit ourselves on two new fronts.
First we want to give life to a dialogue that goes beyond the obvious and towards understanding the human dimension as a species that to survive must evolve in an environmentalist sense according to various aspects: not only practical but also communicative and existential.

Let's not forget that, even if it seems almost rhetorical by now, if we don't get our act together we will become extinct!

The second front on which we want to commit ourselves is the protection of the marine environment, financially supporting associations that are committed to cleaning the seas.

Thanks to the help of Beatrice, biologist and founder of Laid back, a company that produces sustainable alternatives in the cosmetics sector and uses our eco-friendly web hosting services, we identified 3 associations that deal with cleaning the seas and we got in touch with them.

In the coming weeks we will develop an ad hoc support program for these associations, thus opening our attention to the topic of water protection, in the hope that increased environmental sensitivity can not only save our species but also create a pleasant synergy between man and nature.

That's all for now.

Thank you again for reading,


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