During our work we often need to take inspiration and we came across L'EcoPost, a blog powered by people motivated by real commitment to protecting the environment.We interviewed Iris, co-founder of this beautiful eco-blog, who told us how this editorial was born and developed. At the end of the interview he gave us something precious, a memory from childhood: “… the feeling of grass under my feet as I ran in the garden…”.Perhaps more than any other idea, scientific or poetic vision of the world, the memory of the pleasure of being alive together with creatures as small and stimulating as so many blades of grass, in its simplicity, is the best antidote for a decadent vision of the relationship with nature and at the same time a great refuge to avoid being overwhelmed by general indifference.We are not alone... nor the L'Ecopost team!

Intervista a L'EcoPost

The EcoPost website has a simple structure and a clear title: a guide to sustainability. Where does this passion come from?

More than a simple passion, I believe that ours is now a lifestyle. Perhaps initially it was just a passion, born in different contexts and for different reasons, but which then led me and my co-founder Luigi Cazzola to change the way we think and live our lives.

We then realized how much the issue of the climate crisis is not yet particularly well known in Italy or, if it was, it was seen as something marginal and not a reason to radically change one's habits.

For this reason we decided to create a website that could spread the right information on this topic in Italy, but above all that could give concrete advice on how to contribute to the fight against global warming by changing one's lifestyle and form of mind
Articolo de L'EcoPost
8 March 2019
Julia Hill, the girl who lived in a tree for 2 years to save it

You met at an environmental journalism course organized by Legambiente and on the "editorial staff" page there are some beautiful photos of you. Apart from the course, what brought you together and how are you evolving?

The idea of ​​creating the site came from Luigi right towards the end of the course and I welcomed it with enthusiasm. After the course, even though we lived in different areas of Italy and then of the world, it wasn't difficult to keep in touch, given the very strong motivation that pushed us to keep the site alive, for the reasons I mentioned in the previous question .

What is certain is that after more than a year and constant growth, we felt the need to evolve. For example, taking care of the weekly programming of articles, changing the layout of the site (which is still in progress) and other more technical aspects related to writing a blog.

In short, passion is not enough, you need to have the right tools and a lot of patience to take care of even the most "boring" aspects of the job.
Articolo de L'EcoPost
June 24, 2020
Make Italy green again: the Greenpeace plan

Having a consumption style that is more attentive to environmental consequences is important, but living in harmony with nature requires relationship, contact, community. In your opinion, is the Internet capable of creating these conditions? If so, how could it be improved?

As I said, the internet has been fundamental for us and for the growth of Ecopost. In fact, now more than ever, we believe in the power of technology to spread positive messages, whether about the environment but also, for example, about the recent "Black Lives Matter" protest. Obviously, however, as in all things, we must be careful not to lose sight of reality.

The carbon footprint, for example, is also given by how much electricity we use while sitting in front of the computer. Furthermore, some dynamics of nature can only be understood by cultivating some type of contact with it. The concepts of collaboration, of the common good, of altruism, of community, of equity, which are also the basis of ecologism, can be understood and applied also and above all in the real world.

Lately the phenomenon of greenwashing, whereby companies and people pass themselves off online as "friends of the environment" when in fact their lifestyle and their company policies are not at all eco-friendly. So, to answer your question, the Internet can certainly create these conditions, as long as it also leads to concrete action. Because, after all, the planet that needs saving is out there.
Articolo de L'EcoPost
October 29, 2019
What is left of the massacre of trees in Northern Italy. A year later

If there is, what was the occasion when you felt most in contact with nature and how did it go?

It happened on many occasions, but the most significant were three. As a child, during the three months of vacation I spent with my grandparents in the mountains, in a small village of rare beauty in the Alps called Gromo. I still remember the feeling of the grass under my feet as I ran in the garden, quite rare for a little girl born and raised in the city. Or the crisp air on my face in the shade of the woods as I headed to the refuges of the Alpine peaks.

The second occasion was during the Laura Conti environmental journalism course. Perhaps thanks to the fact that it all happened quite recently, also the significance of the information absorbed during the lessons, the relationships I built and the magnificent villa overlooking the sea on the coast of Maratea, in Basilicata, where the lessons took place they helped make the memory of those weeks indelible.

Admiring that sea from above I forgot the outside world and felt nature becoming part of me. Then I realized that it should always be like this and that we shouldn't feel like we're in another world when we're in contact with nature. Indeed, we should feel that there is something wrong when we surround ourselves for too long with artificial, overly processed and, dare I say, "impure" elements.

Finally, I had the same feeling in Iceland, where I lived for nine months. Iceland is one of the few nations where nature is still the absolute ruler and with which the locals have managed to find a much healthier balance than the almost non-existent one in most Western societies.
Articolo de L'EcoPost
16 Maggio 2020
Michael Moore and the film against renewables

Thanks Iris!

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