let's learn together
to build a site
in WordPress.


let's learn together
to build a site
in WordPress.

2 hour interactive WordPress course with one of our experts

WordPress is a simplified content management system characterized by an inclusive and open structure.

With WordPress it is possible to build a site with pages and blog posts, but also an online shop, a site to offer online lessons or subscriptions of various kinds, a photo gallery and much more. The numerous options are offered by the possibility of installing plugins that enrich the basic functions of WordPress.

This is why the most important thing to start with is to have a clear idea of ​​how WordPress works and how it is structured.

The goal of 1 to 1 WordPress tutoring is interactively explain WordPress.


The main advantage will be having acquired, in a very limited period of time, good knowledge to be able to start building your own site.

Warning: WordPress will still require further investigation, but with this basic interactive course you will immediately know where to find the various options and features necessary for immediate use.

Is 1 to 1 WordPress Tutoring for you?

This product is aimed at those who want to build a WordPress website starting with good basic knowledge and all the advantages of our support and explanations. The interactive nature of this tutoring makes learning fast and long-lasting.

You will also be able to contact your teacher for further doubts and requests.

WordPress is not only an open, stable and secure system, but it is also much cheaper than other proprietary systems which usually require very high fees both for domain registration and for the use of their hosting.

Easy Green Hosting offers domains at basic prices and web hosting at honest prices, with 24-hour assistance always ready to respond to your various needs
Furthermore, thanks to you we will finance the creation of new green areas, both at the first registration and at subsequent annual renewals.

The package includes​

  • The service can be purchased as an "addon" to an already active web hosting service;
  • 2 hours of 1 to 1 tutoring, via Google Meet or Skype;
  • Upon request, teaching material to support the lessons.
    We prefer to be contacted in case of any doubts, as interaction makes learning more effective... and fun!

The course costs €64, one-off.​

Easy Green Hosting

optional plans

micro - mini - maxi

MICRO – €28/year


  • con 2 GB of total space
  • without email boxes

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MINI – €33/year


  • con 3 GB of total space, 1 site
  • 1 email inbox

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  • more than 50 GB of overall space
  • more than 25 email accounts

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Spirit of the World – Blue

Spiritus Mundi has already completed the planting of thousands of trees, creating real urban forests.

Since the beginning of summer 2021, we have financed the planting of 80 trees in the Bosco Vivo di Legnaro.

EnvironmentWater – Lombardy

With Ambiente acqua we gave life to the planting project of the Parco Est delle Cave, with a first planting in October 2021 of 101 trees.


Our very first commitment to reforestation begins with Treedom, with which we financed the planting of 60 trees at the beginning of 2021.


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