Once upon a time there was a grove

HI. I'm Michele, co-founder of Easy Green Hosting, and I come from Vicenza, although I lived in Amsterdam and London for many years.

In Vicenza, about a decade ago, a small shopping center was built in the San Lazzaro area, next to the Parco delle Fornaci. Precisely in that area there previously existed a grove... a real grove!

I often passed by it, on my bicycle or scooter, to visit a friend of mine who lived in a nearby neighborhood.
That grove cooled the surrounding streets on hot summer evenings and offered a real home for the millions of insects and hundreds of animals that inhabited it, including birds, reptiles and mammals.

That grove was surrounded by a fence that did not allow entry and in the eyes of a passer-by it looked like nothing more than an uncultivated area. Yet that grove produced oxygen, absorbed CO2 and guaranteed the survival of the many species that inhabited it.

In short, despite its small size, it was an ecosystem, something that no human design will ever be able to artificially reproduce.

We have to ask ourselves whether it was really necessary to destroy an ecosystem to build a new shopping centre, which is now little frequented and very close to another, larger shopping centre, which has already existed for years.
The answer I give myself is simple: no.

If what we know is limited to what we see and hear

At a certain point in my life I became passionate about classical music. Listening to a good concert is extremely pleasant, but knowing the life of the composer, the history of the pieces or even the harmonic structure of the scores, well, it's like taking a journey into a parallel universe.

Likewise, if the owners of the San Lazzaro grove had been passionate about the biodiversity present on their property, perhaps the grove would now be larger and more protected.

Visiting a website means operating not only your computer and the origin server, but also the hundreds of kilometers of cables and the gateways, enormous intermediate nodes for data sorting.

All this produces CO2, a lot of CO2!

For this reason, when we decided to create Easy Green Hosting we had no doubts: we had and wanted not only to propose a model that would not have an impact on the ecosystem, but also to inform and educate.

The next time you find yourself near an urban grove…

try to stop, to listen to the rustle of its life, the chirping of its birds, the creaking of its branches.
Try to immerse yourself in the scent it exudes and the energy it releases.
Do this for 10 minutes.

And finally, try to imagine if it didn't exist.


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Spirit of the World – Blue

Spiritus Mundi has already completed the planting of thousands of trees, creating real urban forests.

Since the beginning of summer 2021, we have financed the planting of 80 trees in the Bosco Vivo di Legnaro.

EnvironmentWater – Lombardy

With Ambiente acqua we gave life to the planting project of the Parco Est delle Cave, with a first planting in October 2021 of 101 trees.


Our very first commitment to reforestation begins with Treedom, with which we financed the planting of 60 trees at the beginning of 2021.


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