How to manage multiple email addresses linked to the same domain via webmail

How to keep and open on the same browser?

What is Web Mail

The most famous webmail in the world is undoubtedly gmail, also known as Google Webmail, which is a web interface that allows us to manage our email messages.

In webmail, in addition to the simple functions that allow us to send, receive and save our email messages in folders, it will also be possible to use some additional functions

  • the calendar
  • automatic reply messages
  • automatic forwarding
  • i filters
  • the contacts
  • the level of control within which you want messages to be deleted
  • delivery tracking

and more.

Email is still the best messaging system

Email was one of the first messaging systems created specifically for the World Wide Web and in our opinion it is still the best for several reasons:

  • Allows you to have a history of messages
  • Allows you to sort messages by folders, subfolders and tags
  • It allows you to verify that the messages received were sent from an authorized domain thanks to the correct DNS setting
  • It allows you to send any type of content
  • It allows you to migrate your messages from one hosting to another
  • It allows the use of a large number of "mail clients", i.e. programs for managing emails, both from a computer and a mobile device
  • Thanks to its traceability, it has legal value in many contexts.

In short, many advantages that any other messaging system is not able to offer.

For this reason it is recommended, in the work and organizational context, to use emails rather than the various chats made available by social platforms, rather than WhatApp or Telegram, with which the recovery of old messages is only possible via text search

How can I read and manage my emails?

To read and manage email messages, there are generally two ways:

  1. via a “mail client” i.e. an email program
  2. via Webmail

Mail clients

Regardless, we recommend using Thunderbird, even if the mail is mainly managed with webmail. Thunderbird is a complete and free program for managing email, available in many languages ​​and for all the main operating systems:

We recommend it because Thunderbird allows you to reorganize your email very easily and "keep an eye" on all the accounts under our responsibility. With Thunderbird it is also very simple to move messages from one account to another with a simple drag and drop, or copy-paste or cut-paste.

In short, we can consider Thunderbird as an excellent program that acts as the "operations center" of our mailboxes.

It can be downloaded from the site

To webmail

The webmail represents the simplest access to our mail, that is, it does not require the installation of any software: just visit the page to access it.

Also in this case we will be able to manage messages, folders, contacts and so on, but limited to the mailbox in which we are logged in. This post aims to shed light on the problem encountered by many of having to use webmail by accessing different email accounts with the same browser.

What happens when I access different email addresses with webmail using the same browser?

It happens that I don't log in! 🙂

Webmail uses cookies to create sessions of use of the webmail service.
Questi cookie, una volta aperta una casella, faranno si che sia possibile visitare i messaggi di quella specifica casella di posta appartenente ad un determinato dominio.
Aprendo una seconda casella di posta che fa parte dello stesso dominio, per esempio accedendo, con lo stesso browser, a dopo aver aperto, anche se in due tab diversi, non potrò più vedere i messaggio di pinelli@, ma solo di info@.

Per ovviare a questo limite proponiamo 3 soluzioni

  1. utilizzare 2 browser diversi. In questo modo sarà possibile aprire quante caselle quanti sono i browser utilizzati
  2. utilizzare un tab nascosto per aprire un secondo (e solo un secondo) account di posta dello stesso dominio. Il limite di questa soluzione è che non sarà possibile aprire più di due account di posta.
  3. Installare l’estensione Session Box, disponibile per Chrome, Opera e Firefox.
    Con la versione gratuita di Session Box sarà possibile “isolare” i tab, in modo da poter avere tutte le caselle di posta che vogliamo aperte tramite lo stesso browser, per lo stesso dominio.

L’interfacci di Session Box è intuitiva, quindi ti invito semplicemente ad installarlo e provarlo.
I passi sono:

  • apri la pagina della tua webmail, senza fare login
  • su session box, clicca sul + cerchiato per creare una sessione e salvarla
  • ripeti l’operazione per tutte le sessioni separate che vuoi poter aprire

At this point we just need to click on one of the saved sessions to open it and then log in to our webmail

This solution is free and very simple to implement. It perhaps has the only limitation that it cannot be used with browsers other than Chrome, Opera or Firefox.

And that's all for this time too!

For any questions or needs do not hesitate to contact us!

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