How to install WordPress from cPanel


I will explain how to install WordPress from cPanel.
You have access to cPanel if you have purchased FULL HOSTING FOR 2 DOMAINS or FULL HOSTING FOR 5 DOMAINS.

  1. Install the domain.
    Each cPanel has 1 main domain, and other (1 or 4, depending by your product) “addon domains“.
    If, for example, you want to manage 2 domain, such as and, you will set one as main domain, and the other as addon domain. The server will share its resources evenly with both.a. So here is the first step: CLICK “Domains” under the DOMAINS tab of your cPanel.

    Click “Create a new domain” -> enter the domain name -> click SUBMIT
    In order to add an addon domain:
    click on Addon Domains (next to Domains), and on the following page, enter the “New Domain Name” -> click Add domain

  2. Next step is to install the SSL certificate for each domain.What is the SSL certificate?
    When you visit a website, the connection is usually established through http protocol, or, in other words, a set of practical rules used by your device and the server in order to exchange data.When you type: you are using an “unprotected” connection. If you type, then the data exchanged between server and client are encrypted with a unique code, and no one else except you and the server, is able to read and understand the shared data.In order to establish an encrypted connection, your server must be able to show a recognised certificate, issued by an authority. In our case, the authority is Let’s Encrypt.Here is how to install the certificate for a domain
    a. From your cPanel, find “Lets Encript SSL” and click on it.b. find your domain under “Issue a new certificate” and click ISSUE and ISSUE again on the following window.Sometimes the installation fails at the first attempt. In case, try again. If it fails again, please contact us.
  3. Finally, install WordPress!
    Scroll down the cPanel dashboard, until you find this icon: and click on it!
    b. click Install Now and enter all the required information on the following page.
    c. click Install


  • “Choose Installation URL”: pick HTTPS (with or without www) and leave the “in Directory” field empty, unless you want to install wordpress into a specific folder, such as
  • “Auto Upgrade”: if you are not planning to modify the code if your theme, allow all the automatic upgrades. Otherwise opt out from “Auto Update WordPress Themes” only. It will keep your website updated and safe.

If you any question please contact us!



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