The common hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) is a common tree in Europe in the woods between 500-1000 m asl. Many Italian pre-alpine forests are dominated by hornbeam, oak and beech. It is also present in the South-East of England. The hornbeam can live up to 150 years and has an average height of 15-20 m. It is a tree with a very robust and hard trunk to cut, so much so that the name’s etymology means “hard tree”.

The leaves are double-toothed, light green in colour and with visible veins on the underside. In autumn, the leaves turn golden yellow, dry out and fall off only after a long period in winter. The male and female flowers are different, and the seeds are spread by the wind.

A common hornbeam tree could be confused with a European hop-hornbeam (Ostrya carpinifolia). The two species are very similar to each other and are distinguished by the shape of the fruit.

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Spiritus Mundi – Veneto

Spiritus Mundi ha già completato la piantumazione di migliaia di alberi crando veri e propri boschi urbani. 

Dall’inizio dell’estate 2021, abbiamo finanziato la piantumazione di 80 alberi del Bosco Vivo di Legnaro.

AmbienteAcqua – Lombardia

Con Ambiente acqua abbiamo dato vita al progetto di piantumazione del Parco Est delle Cave, con una prima piantumazione nell’ottobre del 2021 di 101 alberi.


Il nostro primissimo impegno nella riforestazione inizia con Treedom, col quale abbiamo finanziato la piantumazione di 60 alberi all’inizio del 2021.


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