Three new trees assigned in the last week

Since we started this adventure, we have allowed ourselves to pretend not only to offer a service of the highest excellence, and dedicate quality time to all our customers (which we do personally, always with enormous pleasure because we like people) but also change this world for the better.

Our environmental commitment does not stop at reforestation and the use of renewable energy sources.

For years we have been active in the formation of groups aimed at pure and simple socialisation.
We did it in London, with the Village Gathering project, in Bologna and Vicenza (Italy) with the language exchange groups.

Unfortunately we had to stop, but we will resume soon!
You may be wondering: what do socialisation groups have to do with the environmental cause?
You will see it soon 🙂

Meanwhile, we are super happy to welcome 3 new coffee plants to Haiti 🙂

Here they are in a group photo ?

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