Reforestation in Veneto with Spiritus Mundi


Easy Green Hosting cares about the environment. Its respect and preservation are at the heart of our mission. We constantly ask ourselves what more we can do for the environment, what we can leave as a legacy to future generations, how we can concretely help those who inhabit this beautiful planet.

It is for this reason that we have gone beyond being an Ecological Web Hosting: thanks to the collaboration with the voluntary association Spiritus Mundi, and not only that, today we are proud to be able to contribute to the development of wooded areas.

Who is Spiritus Mundi?

Spiritus Mundi is an ODV (volunteer organization) based in Legnaro, Padua, which since 2016 has contributed to improving the environmental and social situation of the Po Valley. The name Spiritus Mundi comes from Latin and means "breath of the world”.

The primary objective of Spiritus Mundi is the implementation of forests, in urban and extra-urban areas of the Veneto Po Valley, which is characterized by the typical forest formation called oak-carpineto, dating back to around 7000 years ago.

So far the organization has developed five projects:

    • The Living Forest of Roncajette. Located in a hamlet of the municipality of Ponte San Nicolò, PD - adjacent to the course of the Bacchiglione river, on the border between the residential area and the agricultural area, it covers an area of ​​approximately 8500m2, intended to house 1000 specimens of tree species and native shrubs.
      You can see the forest at these coordinates:
    • The Living Forest of Polverara located in an agricultural area adjacent to the Bacchiglione river, it covers an area of ​​approximately 15,000m2 and hosts over 2200 specimens of different species of native trees and shrubs. The projects are carried out by the volunteers of the non-profit organization, with the participation of the local population. At this link you can read all the information on both forestry implementation projects.
      You can see the forest at these coordinates:
    • Abano Living Forest: planting of approximately 600 plants was carried out on municipal land of 11,000 m2 in autumn 2020.
      You can see the forest at these coordinates:
    • Limena Living Forest: planting carried out in autumn 2020 with 1500 plants on municipal land of 10,000 m2, followed by final planting on the remaining 8,000 m2.
      You can see the forest at these coordinates:
    • Legnaro Living Forest carried out on municipal land in February 2021, the first part with more than 1200 trees planted, will end in October in a total area of ​​40,000 m2.
      You can see the forest at these coordinates:

The Living Forest of Legnaro

Botanical species used for reforestation projects by Spiritus Mundi

During reforestation projects, Spiritus Mundi also stands out for:

  • The use of municipal public lands
  • Citizen involvement during planting events
  • The synergy with local companies that "espouse" their principles
  • The redefinition of the social fabric through the collaboration and involvement of other associations.

A further commitment of the Spirit of the World

Secondly, Spritus Mundi promotes awareness of environmental issues and the sponsorship of a feeling of ethical citizenship, through the "School project”.

This is an initiative aimed at elementary, middle, high school and university education institutions which consists of awareness meetings in which environmental, global and local critical issues are proposed in order to create shared responsibility and find both collective and individual solutions capable of decrease the impact of human societies on the planet. You can find more information about the Schools Project here link.

Spiritus Mundi logos and images are used as patronage.

Easy Green Hosting (in the middle) at the planting of the Bosco Vivo di Rubano, 7 November 2021

Transparency on our commitment to Spiritus Mundi

The financial support we give to Spiritus Mundi is designed to be sustainable for us, useful for Spiritus Mundi and sensible for our customers.Together we quantified the fee for planting a tree and/or taking care of a square meter of forest at €5.

Donations of €200 each are renewed every 40 assignments.
The collaboration began in early May 2021.

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Spirit of the World – Blue

Spiritus Mundi has already completed the planting of thousands of trees, creating real urban forests.

Since the beginning of summer 2021, we have financed the planting of 80 trees in the Bosco Vivo di Legnaro.

EnvironmentWater – Lombardy

With Ambiente acqua we gave life to the planting project of the Parco Est delle Cave, with a first planting in October 2021 of 101 trees.


Our very first commitment to reforestation begins with Treedom, with which we financed the planting of 60 trees at the beginning of 2021.


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