do you need extra resources?

Our CPANEL XL are designed to enhance the basic offerings of our GREEN CPANEL.

For both upgrades and new purchases, the prices are: 

2XL: 2CPU – 2GB RAM –   45€/quarterly
3XL: 3CPU – 3GB RAM – 105€/quarterly
4XL: 4CPU – 4GB RAM – 195€/quarterly
5XL: 5CPU – 8GB RAM – 280€/quarterly

SSD disk space – UNLIMITED
Bandwidth – UNLIMITED
Subdomains – UNLIMITED
E-mail account – UNLIMITED
Distribution Lists – UNLIMITED
Automatic Answers – UNLIMITED
Forwarder – UNLIMITED
E-mail filters – UNLIMITED
MySQL® database – UNLIMITED


PLANCPU CoresRAMI/OPHP ProcessesSimultaneous MySQL connections Total ProcessesInodesCache applications included
SUPER ADMIN 121 GB8 MB/s4040120350,000Redis
LiteSpeed Cache*
SUPER ADMIN 232 GB12 MB/s6060180400,000Redis
LiteSpeed Cache*
LiteMage Cache
SUPER ADMIN 344 GB16 MB/s8080240450,000Redis
LiteSpeed Cache*
LiteMage Cache
SUPER ADMIN 458 GB20 MB/s100100300500,000Redis
LiteSpeed Cache*
LiteMage Cache



The LiteSpeed ​​cache is an incredibly fast server-side page cache. It can significantly increase the speed of the site. MORE INFO HERE


Redis is an in-memory NoSQL database, commonly used as a database cache. It integrates easily into many applications and will make them faster.


Memcached is an in-memory cache designed to speed up database queries. It integrates easily into many applications and will make them faster.


LiteMage cache is a caching engine for Magento sites. It makes Magento extremely fast, with support for public and private caches, and hole punching with ESI.



The world’s leading control panel is included at no additional cost. Manage every aspect of your server and allow site owners to manage account-level features via the intuitive cPanel.

Automatic Security update

Whenever a new security patch is released, we have your back. Our automated software update system can transfer our critical patches across your entire server fleet in minutes, giving you the confidence that your server is always safe.


JetBackup is a premium backup solution that will give you multiple daily snapshots of your sites with the ability to automatically restore entire accounts, individual files, databases and email accounts directly from cPanel.

Pro-plus support!

Our support gurus are available 24/7, in case you need assistance. Fully managed support includes unlimited system administration time for all standard services included with the server.


Isolated accounts

Each account is isolated with a secure file system that prevents privilege escalation and information disclosure attacks.

No to noisy neighbours

Each customer is assigned to their own resource pool, which means that other users cannot cause downtime or slow website performance

Machine Learning Firewall

Multiple layers of firewalls with machine learning and collective intelligence keep robots and hackers at bay.

Vulnerability and Malware Defence

We automatically fix vulnerabilities in a wide range of web applications and quarantine known malware, protecting your site and visitors.

Comprehensive monitoring, pro-active troubleshooting, managed system administration and much more

cPanel Control PanelCPanel allows you to manage websites: create email accounts, database, upload and much more
Security Updates & PatchingWe have developed our in-house technology to deliver critical updates across all of our servers. You will therefore always have the updated software
KernelCareYour server will come with a KernelCare license, which will automatically update the server kernel when security updates are released. This also has the advantage of performing kernel updates without requiring a reboot, as happens on servers not equipped with this system.
1-Click Application InstallsInstall numerous apps in one click with the Softaculous installer. You will have access to install over 400 app.
Server Firewall ConfigurationWe will configure the CSF firewall on your server from common web attacks
Application Firewall ConfigurationWe will configure a 'Mod Security' web application firewall on your server, configured with our custom rules, to protect the individual applications installed on the server from common web attacks
Snapshot BackupsThe entire server will be backed up to our backup system off the server. In case something happens to your server, the whole image can be restored. Note that individual files cannot be restored from this snapshot - this requires setting up local cPanel backups.
cPanel BackupsWe will configure the cPanel backup system to perform historical backups of your server and website data. Backups will be performed once a day for 30 days.
99.99% Uptime GuaranteeWe guarantee 99.9% uptime on your web server, excluding any scheduled maintenance which is minimized. Please note that this warranty only applies if our management recommendations are followed, for example if we recommend that you upgrade the CPU or RAM to support the server workload and you do not upgrade, we would not be able to guarantee The availability of the web service.
Migration AssistanceWe will migrate up to 50 existing websites on your server from an existing cPanel server for free. You can migrate additional websites at an additional cost per website - if you have more than 50 sites, please contact us for a quote.
Proactive Issue ResolutionWe will monitor your server and proactively resolve problems that may occur, including handling service outages, managing high server load, monitoring and managing disk space usage, and debugging any services that affect problems.
Redundant Global DNSThe servers will be connected to our global redundant DNS cluster, rather than depending on the server's DNS. Our DNS cluster is spread across multiple data centers around the world and is fully protected from denial of service attacks.
CDNFrom cPanel it is possible to configure both CloudFlare and, via Litespeed, clic.clud in a few clicks. The global content distribution network and security platform. It will be integrated into your cPanel and will speed up your websites while also making them more secure.
JetBackupJetBackup provides an advanced backup solution that allows the server to maintain incremental daily backups, allowing for multiple recovery points per day. Additionally, JetBackup enables automatic recovery of files, email accounts, databases, and more. Without JetBackup, the standard backup routine has 3 restore points and it is not possible to perform 'automatic restore' from the cPanel itself.
CloudLinuxCloudLinux offers advanced security and stability and lightning-fast PHP performance. With CloudLinux, each account on the server is completely isolated in its own jailed environment, preventing users from seeing each other's information and preventing a large number of attacks. Each account can also be assigned its own resource limits so that a website cannot overload the server as a whole, greatly improving stability. PHP processing is accelerated via mod_lsapi, the fastest and most reliable way to serve PHP pages.
BitNinja Server SecurityBitNinja is an advanced server security solution that, in our experience, provides the absolute best level of defense against threats to the server and the applications it hosts. You will have access to a dashboard where you can see all intrusion attempts and blocks on your server. With BitNinja installed, cases of compromised sites will be virtually deleted from the pages.
Patchman CorePatchman scans common applications installed on servers, such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. It alerts you when updates are needed, automatically fixes known vulnerabilities, and removes malware if it finds any. Patchman is invaluable in helping keep your websites safe from hackers and is highly recommended if you plan to use the server as a generic shared hosting server with a large number of accounts.
MonitoringWe actively monitor all services on the server and the overall health of the server. We will proactively resolve any issues if they arise.
Support LevelTotal assistance for using, configuring and running the server. We proactively respond to any notices of inactivity and log in and begin resolving any issues affecting the services as they occur. We will support all standard services and provide unlimited system administration hours to configure and optimize your server.

manage every aspect of your website with just a few clicks


Create email accounts, forwarders and autoresponders, as well as filters to manage email. Fight spam with SpamAssassin and email authentication. Use the mailing lists to send your message.


Set up subdomains, addon domains, domains with aliases and redirects to send visitors to the right destination. Easily adjust the underlying DNS records with the simple DNS zone editor or the advanced DNS zone editor

300+ APPS

Take advantage of over 300 third-party apps for blogs, bulletin boards, guest books, eCommerce and more to create more solid and dynamic sites. Everything installed in an instant!


Edit and backup files and folders while monitoring your website’s disk space usage.


Create MySQL databases and users, grant permissions and manage database contents using industry standard phpMyAdmin software.


Get to know your audience and track your website’s performance using AWStats. View detailed and raw access logs and PHP errors.


Configure password protected directories, IP address negations, SSL / TLS and GnuPG key settings to restrict access. Protect your site with HotLink and Leech protection.

Inside cPanel, you will find Softaculous, an amazing app installer!

Content Management
Social Networking
Education / E-Learning
Business Automation (ERP)
Photo Galleries
Project Management & Collaboration
File Management
Customer Support
Database Management
Polls & Surveys

Install more than 400 app in a click!