Easy Green Hosting is more than a simple web hosting service.

After years in this field, we decided to dedicate our knowledge to a specific category of web developers: those who care about the Environment!

If you decide to join us, or if you are already on board, consider the affiliate program: it is easy and rewarding!

How does it work

  • You simply need to place a link into your website or anywhere you want, with your affiliate code. It looks like this:
  • Anybody opening that link will store a cookie in their web browser for 90 days. When they will join Easy Travel Hosting, you will automatically be rewarded with 30, 40 or 50€, depending on what product they will activate.

Where to get your affiliate link

On your account, just click the “affiliates” menu on the right.

You will see your unique referral link.

All you need is an account. Make your request