A tree is not just a creature that thanks to its breathing produces the oxygen that makes us live.
It is also the home for

millions of insects,

It is a huge hand that with its roots gives structure to the soil,
which in turn gives housing and sustenance to other animals,
It is their shelter from the heat of the sun and
The protector of the vegetation below.

In short, a tree is the guardian of life for all living beings.

We are growing trees
That you can adopt at no cost,
To which you can give the name of your domain
And that you can share with a dedicated link on your website.

It costs nothing and you can do it during the purchase of the hosting.

Although free, it’s a choice:
More customers will adopt a tree and more trees we will grow.

... We don't want it to be just a trend.


Thanks to Treedom, our partner in reforestation, we are now nursing trees in 4 countries: Cameroon, Haiti, Honduras and Kenya.

All trees are planted directly by local farmers and bring environmental, social and financial benefits to their communities. Thanks to its business model, in 2014 Treedom became part of the Certified B Corporations, a network of companies that stand out for high environmental and social performance.

Every tree is geo-localized and photographed and has its online page



Kenya is crossed by the Equator from east to west and by the Rift Valley from north to south. The country is on the Indian Ocean and its flat and sandy coastline is just one of the characteristic landscapes this country offers: in fact, numerous plateaus, woodlands, savannahs and mountain ranges cover the land. Because of the Rift Valley, the Kenyan territory also includes many freshwater and salt lakes, and display a widespread geothermal activity.

The main goal of Treedom’s activity in Kenya is to support reforestation on a small scale among small farmers, by encouraging their active participation. Since 2014, Treedom has been working with many local organizations to replenish depleted rural areas by involving local institutions and giving the population alternative income solutions deriving from agriculture.


Haiti lies on the Western part of the island of Hispaniola, located in the Caribbean Sea. Its territory is largely covered by mountains: some reach higher than 2,000 meters, like Pic La Selle (2,680 meters), the highest summit in Haiti. Many tropical birds inhabit the Haitian forests. Parakeets, parrots and Hispaniolan trogons are some of the most common species.

Since 2012, Treedom has been supporting planting activities in this area to reduce soil eriosion and fight the deterioration of the terrain and river systems. In the rural areas, productivity has been encouraged by planting fruit trees, thus offering an alternative income to the illegal logging and timber trade.


The diversity of the landscape is one of the features that make this country special. Located in West-Central Africa, Cameroon has a 400 Km coastline along the Atlantic Ocean: as we move further inland, the coastal plain breaks up into various plateaus, often covered by equatorial rainforests. Cameroon has no shortage of mountains: Mount Cameroon (4,095 meters) is one of the highest summits in Africa. 


Treedom started its adventure right in Cameroon in 2010, by developing projects aimed at planting Cocoa trees, thus improving food safety for the rural population, increasing the local agricultural resources and offering additional income opportunities.